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ETO?O Borth 

AGAIN? From Borth 


Mixed Media Tableaux

Max dimensions w 4m x d 2m x h 2m

Saatchi New Sensations Group Show, London

ETO?...AGAIN?  The pallette of BORTH is reutilised, remade, finds a new space in Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square.  


The visual frontages of Borth, a mid Wales Hinterland are once again peeled off, smoothed over and poured into a new reflexive ensemble in mixed media made matter.


This time- it's a moveable feast, focused on creating a moveable shell that rather than 'masks' the gallery space in which it sits works with and within it. This piece will change everytime it lands ETO?AGAIN? something new....


ON show 13-18th OCT 14 as part of the 2014 New Sensations exhibition at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, WC1.

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