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Mixed media tableaux

h 220cm w 500cm d 275cm


Group SHOW

Ar Lân [beside] 2014 is an abstract ensemble in plaster, glitter, glass and vinyl, inspired by Borth, a North Wales hinterland of pastel beached bungalows and terraces that offers an immense visibility in its collision of form and colour.  


From formally visible sites like Borth, I develop a palette to make from[inspiration] and with [material]- façades are peeled off, collected, reverberated into form, poured into and smoothed over alternative surfaces.


This work focuses on mutual collisions, a being-next-to that offers change- altered viewpoints and conversations in space, form and colour.  Transparent matter, printed skins and dense segments uprooted combine to question notions of surface and depth, skins and insides.


Existing somewhere between its origin, the studio, and the gallery space, Ar Lân is rooted in the actuality of matter, offering a reflexive standpoint for viewers to encounter the thingness of objects and the power of visually driven connections.


AR LAN [beside]on show as part of the 2014 Exposure Award  @ Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art






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