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[Fairbourne a& Margate a&)


mixed media tableaux

dimensions variable

(shown as h. 220 cm d. 300cm w. 490cm

Whitechapel Gallery, London

London Open ,Group Show.

Margate’s arcade-ia


Fairbourne, a strip village on the Mid Wales Coast


The Artists Studio


Whitechapel Gallery


Ampersands is an insinuated  theme park of edges and collisions made matter.    A created collision of  collected spaces and palettes, an abstract ensemble in whites,

blues, and multicolour with flesh tone accents.


Plaster, glitter, stone, metal, glass, clay, wax, large format

print, polystyrene, perspex, vinyl, fabric, rubber, light, and air create a present space of occupancy and display as fine art debris

and a sense of the seaside half unwraps itself.




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