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Mixed media tableaux

h 290cm w 500cm x d 360cm

Borth in Mid Wales, is a hinterland of pastel beached bungalows and terraces that offers an immense visibility, as if made purely of collisions in form and colour, ripe for collecting as image and reverberating into and out of form. 


O Borth’ [2014] is a suite of tactile components developed in response to the surfaces of this coastal strip village. 


Hand-cast segments of plaster, aluminium, glass and glitter, with large-format images of everyday surface stretched out and flattened, work with and against the available space as a support/material in itself to provide tableaux of surface and colour. This suite of works explores the absurdity and lack of depth in flat images – shifting surfaces or impenetrable blocks keep us rooted in the actuality of the matter, going from one thing to another and nowhere outside the closed circuit. It invites viewers to encounter the thingness of objects and the power of visually driven connections.


Positioned to straddle site of origin, studio and gallery the work sort of playfully defies the idea of a single viewpoint or a nucleus based sculptural arrangement. It suggests a doing and an undoing in the potential for movement that remains in stacked boards and partial unwrapping. 


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