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The Colour Purple


Mixed Media Installation with sound & Scent

Dimensions variable

Art Lacuna, London

Solo Show

SOUND (3:11) ON/OFF 👉

The colour purple is a new immersive environment in plump purples drawn from a palette collected in Hong Kong in the autumn of 2017.  Remade and colour washed in the artists studio, photos, sketches, sounds, forms, scents, colours, and tactile text gathered from the site of provenance (HK) are reconfigured in dialogue with an idea of a manufactured ‘colour purple’. 


‘From mad markets, to manmade mountains, memories of backstreets, indoor lettuce growing and locked up ‘gardens’ springs this plethora of plasticised plastered purple.    Hong Kong was fascinating, a created coastal extension with concrete moss and mountain thrown in and scattered with everything man made.’

Watch 'The Colour Purple' Short Film (10:42) 👇🏻


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