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Plastic Oasis

[Reno Casino + Whitechapel]


Mixed Media Tableaux

Dimensions Variable

BANK Gallery, London


SOUND (3:04) ON/OFF 👉

24  x cornflower blue

20 kg x aspen blue 

6 sections of Bespoke printed vinyl (sand and plastic bags)

20 fabric prints 

Square frame (3 part)

Fans  x3 

Water beads (at least 4 packs)


... And so continued a shopping list found under the polythene at the site, with a note about a Reno Casino.


Walking into the lobby, air conditioning hit her chops from the left with a cool rasp,

she saw her legs dangling over the porcelain and under skirts.  Props. 


A potted palm flicked its hair as she leant an armful of sweat on the marble(d) reception desk.  Through the window to the courtyard she  glimpsed the swimming pool blue, universal refreshment, globally provided.




Poolside, A fat man belched out his belly before a breast stroke, cutting through the water like a wet Panacotta on the glide.

Low rollers off the clock were smoothed over sun loungers like pallid custard skins.


Later, she sipped a cocktail called a last word that tastes of the swill at the dentist

An overhanging plastic turtle gave her  a sense of the beady eye. 


Popping a prawn she felt pink as it slipped uneasily down her gullet, throttled through.

She washed it down with mountain water in a slippery glass.


The  pool was (in) the middle still, wrapped,

clad  in  the casino, like a center spread in glossy brochure speak.


Sealed in, made 3D, Flattened into fifty shades of blue.


The shepherds laid down the plastic, questioning the meaning of this stuff and  worrying in their infinite wisdom that it was at risk of becoming something.

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