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Mixed Media Tableaux

Dimensions 122cm x 335cm x 90cm

VITRINE Gallery, Basel. 'Identify your limitations acknowledge the periphery' Group show

Greens accumulate as if immaculately with a sense of collective cached purpose.

Green in residence

Green collected as colour

Eat your greens

Repeats of black forest as tasty as gateaux’s slip off mountain shoulders, into renders and back to powdered pigments ready to be plasticized into paraphernalia of get relaxed feel in the comfort of your own home.


Oh yeah, outside space.

Nearby the topiary topographies of big houses and tropic pleasures of botanic wonderlands gets us thinking in vitrines [safely] beyond the landscape.

Cultivated corners create a context of green cut grass

Collections of the decorative, the dirt and the DIY herbaceous borders,

Here only the audacious perennial sprouters outlast plastic cans and leaking hosepipes [more green fingered] we bury with them.



Once she had gazed at the scale of the waxy leaves in a Cornish cultivated garden - astounded by the miniature me she made.

Later, riding in a cable car above the black forest she felt a perspective from above was easier to dip into.

Later still, a documentary on planet earth on the box -from the safety of a London Living Room she learnt about wild plants and leopards and made a cup of sweet tea from china in porcelain to take the edges off.

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