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Collaborative Curatorial Project, text and interactive Mixed Media Tableaux

Dimensions variable

EBC [East Bristol Contemporary] , Bristol. 

3 Person Show.

When I was invited to invite some artists to join me at EBC I thought carefully and with longing.  I went back to almost connections ... this should be something for us...and so it began.

*_I'm so pleased we are all here now… like we all swiped right.   It has started to really open up as a space in my mind where we can share, communicate, connect. Initially I didn't even know who you were and then it's like the dots became a constellation and we could draw the line into a triangle - no - something smoother and friendlier like a loop. 

 From soapbox derby’s and dropping polos in church, to Guatemala’s rainforest friendships via an iphone and hot Athenian feet - artists Megan Broadmeadow, Mitra Saboury and Sarah Roberts are making connections.   

Geographically separated from each other and their site of exhibition at EBC these three artists will work together from LA, Wales, London, Bristol, Athens, Germany and wherever else they roam in the summer of 2017.   Crafting a Trinity of their own making, their sharing of thoughts and ideas and the act of exhibitioning in itself will result in a new shared heterotopia, materially manifested at EBC’s Trinity site, bouncing off each artists’ satellite site and individual practice.

This active sharing at the ideas phase will encourage a fresh raw dialogue between the three artists, and subsequently the viewer, sharing on the level of seers, makers, made friends.

Read 'Fresh Meet' here 

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